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Team Number Team Name Entrant Local Group Town Car Make Car Model Car Colour Crew (1) Local Group Town Crew (2) Local Group Town Crew (3) Local Group Town
001 Team Ursula Bruce Garbutt Cheshire Area Crewe Triumph Stag French Blue Michael Bradbury Cheshire Area Burslem
002 Duke with hazards on Alan Lacey Shropshire Telford Triumph GT6 White Roy Lacey Shropshire
003 One Less Pete Mark Rutter Cambridge Ely Triumph Vitesse Valencia Blue Pete Sargent Cambridge Ely
004 Mark & Steve Mark Bulford North London & Herts Hampton Triumph TR4A Royal Blue
005 Team Maggie Richard Sands Nottingham Coalville Triumph Dolomite Magnolia
006 Call the Police Chris Andrews North London & Herts Aylesbury Triumph 2500TC Blue Annie Andrews North London & Herts Aylesbury Simon Scott-Russell Not Applicable Oxford
007 Devon's Best! Rob Lingard Peninsula Ogwell, Newton Abbot Triumph Spitfire 1500 Blue Gareth Tooth Not Applicable Stoke-on-Trent
008 Team Spotlight Revisited Richard Warr Worcester Stourport-on-Severn Triumph 2000 mk2 Yellow Vincenzo Annese Not Applicable Stoke-on-Trent
009 Idle Burghers John Bell Overseas Eppelheim Triumph TR6 Royal Blue David Walker Not Applicable Wingrave
010 Madsprout Tim Ward Worcester Kidderminster Triumph Dolomite sprint Red Emma Byrne Not selected
011 In Rust We Trust! Matthew Richardson North Hampshire Chinnor Triumph 2000 Pimento red Ian Rice North Hampshire
012 Team Blue Bus Ellis Stokes North London & Herts Potters Bar Triumph 2500 Mk1 Royal Blue Anthony Pulis North London & Herts London EN2 Mark Alexander North London & Herts London
013 Viper Nuala Dowie Pendle & Pennine Keswick Triumph Spitfire Green
014 Tr4a Kevin Martin Lincolnshire Bourne Triumph Tr4A Blue Robert Martin Cambridge Royston
015 Les Escargots Chris Hunter Kent & East Sussex Broad Oak Triumph Herald 1200 Saloon Conifer Green Xavier Barraud Not Applicable Tunbridge Wells
016 The Hof Peter Jordan Essex Chelmsford Triumph Spitfire RED Orson Jordan Essex
017 The Green Team Jonathan Tew Cheshire Area Nantwich Triumph Stag Green Ian Fisher Nottingham Mansfield
019 Father and son brigade Marino Pacini Shropshire shrewsbury Triumph 2000 mk2 Honeysuckle rian pacini Not selected shrewsbury
020 Northants HC Fans Ian Inglis Northants / N. Bucks Corby Triumph GT6 Mk1 Wedgwood Blue James Baldry Northants / N. Bucks Bugbrooke
021 Baker boys Dan Essex Basildon Triumph Spitfire Red John Baker Not selected Basildon
022 Team 7 matt skelton Worcester bewdley Triumph TR7 Silver neil marshall Not Applicable swansea
023 Kermit Patrick McNaught Wessex (Bristol & Bath) Bath Triumph Stag Java Green Jerry Smart Southern
024 The Silvertops David Driscoll Not Applicable Norwich Triumph TR7 Blue David Morgan Overseas
025 Geriatric Scouts Brian Cainey North Hampshire Aldershot Triumph Stag Red Kiernan Lane North Hampshire Aldershot
026 Team Sally Greg Hackney Not selected Triumph Stag Green Reg Barton Wye Dean
028 Dr Pepper Karl Reilly Essex WICKFORD Triumph GT6 MK111 Saffron Yellow Louise Benevento Essex WICKFORD
031 Team Sienna PI Dave Kirk Kent & East Sussex Orpington Triumph Mk2 2.5PI Brown Hayley Kirk Kent & East Sussex Kent
032 Team LMC James Inder Nottingham Loughborough Triumph 2500tc Blue Michael Rogers Not selected Ben Reeve Not selected
033 TSC and SRC Simon Carr Nottingham Triumph 2.5pi Blue
034 Loose Bolts Robert Pearce Cambridge ELY Triumph Spitfire Mk3 Damson Andy Pearce West Midlands
035 Team Maude Dale Barker North London & Herts STEVENAGE Triumph 2000 Green Matthew Barker North London & Herts Brian Maslin North London & Herts Abbotts Langley
036 Team Triumph Triumphant Ltd Colin Tutty Essex ILFORD Triumph Spitfire 1500 Russet Brown
038 Team Narnia Darren Sharp Lincolnshire Tattershall Triumph 2500 TC Blue Wendy Dawes West Midlands Hednesford Chris Banks North London & Herts Engield
040 Team Harper Peter Harper Southern Winchester Triumph TR7 Red Esme Harper Southern Eastleigh
042 Calleva David Livingstone North Hampshire Reading Stag Mk2 Tahiti Blue
043 Deeping Crew Jonathan Clegg Lincolnshire Market Deeping Triumph Dolomite Yellow-ish
044 TimT Tim Turner North Wiltshire Chippenham Triumph Stag white
045 Ever Hopefuls Allan John Westbury Nottingham COSBY, LEICESTER Triumph TR7 Black Brian Hardy Nottingham Broughton Astley
046 Doncaster Andrew Swift Hull & East Riding of Yorkshire Doncaster Triumph Stag Blue Neil Swift Hull & East Riding of Yorkshire Sheffield
048 The Black Stripes Nick Cahill North Hampshire Andover Triumph 2000 Carmine Red Mark Hoadley North Hampshire Andover
049 Jolene Craig Bennett Worcester Hanbury Triumph Stag Red
050 Buildmer Paul Smith Not selected Cramlington Triumph 2000 Green
051 Neil Carty Neil Carty Not selected Staines Triumph TR7 Red
052 The Railway Children Patrick O'Mara Not selected Sheffield Triumph TR6 Damson CHRIS GILLOTT Not selected SHEFFIELD
053 The Beeritarians Paul Reynolds Gatwick Croydon Triumph TR6 Blue Dayle Greenaway Gatwick Croydon
054 Silver spit RayNugent Cheshire Area Manchester Triumph Spitfire Silver JamesNugent Cheshire Area Manchester
055 Confused Tim Bancroft Not selected South Warnborough, Hook Triumph 2.5Pi (SU) mk1 Grey James Cooper Not selected Ferndown, Dorset
056 Spitty Spitty Bang Bang Paul Beeson Essex Triumph Spitfire 1500 Red Jacob Beeson Essex
057 colin & derek Colin Prior Not selected Eastleigh triumph vitesse white

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