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Team Number Team Name Entrant Local Group Car Make Car Model Car Colour Crew (1) Local Group Crew (2) Local Group Crew (3) Local Group
001 Team Maude Dale Barker North London & Herts Triumph 2000 Green Keith Compton-Bishop North London & Herts
002 Team Abba Charlie Deards Shropshire Triumph Stag Mk2 Blue Rob Bradley Worcester
003 Team Kermette Theo Boonen Overseas Triumph TR7 DHC Triton Green Monique Goudemont Overseas
004 Team Blue Bus Ellis Stokes North London & Herts Triumph 2500 Mk1 Blue Anthony Pulis North London & Herts
005 Team Torpedo 1 Joseph Earnest Coventry & Warwick Triumph Herald Saloon Green/White Jim Orr Coventry & Warwick Jonathan Thomas Coventry & Warwick Tony Tiberia Coventry & Warwick
008 Team Kebab Mike Silcock Pendle & Pennine Triumph Sptifire Red Bill Leedham Pendle & Pennine
009 Team Binny Sam Clayton Pendle & Pennine Triumph Dolomite Honeysuckle Andie Clayton Pendle & Pennine
010 Tracy Island Jason Chinn North Hampshire Triumph Vitesse Blue Nigel Gair North London & Herts Carl Shakespeare Peninsula
011 Team Spotlight Richard Warr Worcester Triumph 2000 mk1 White Roger Saunt Nottingham
012 Team Spotlight Steve Radley Essex Triumph Mk1 Saloon Blue Mark Rutter Essex
013 Dreadnought Tim Bancroft North Hampshire Triumph 2.5 Pi MkI Grey Darren Reynolds North Hampshire
015 Ruby Doug Jensen Overseas Triumph Dolomite Red Vicki Jensen Overseas
016 The Lucky Ones Keith George Pendle & Pennine Triumph TR6 Damson Julie George Pendle & Pennine
017 Yellowspit Clive Senior Not selected Triumphish Spitfire Yellow Gill Senior Not selected
018 I wonder what will drop off this time? James Baldry Northants / N. Bucks Triumph Spitfire 1500 Blue Paul Mellors Nottingham
019 Zombie Matthew Roughton Coventry & Warwick Triumph Spitfire4 Blue Matthew Sutton Southern
020 Team Ursula Bruce Garbutt Cheshire Area Triumph Stag French Blue Andrew Mathers Teesside Triumph
021 Staggering On Peter Moore Kent & East Sussex Triumph Stag Red DON CARVER Kent & East Sussex
022 Coop/Helm James Cooper Southern Triumph tr6 White Matt Helm Essex
023 Spitty Come Home Michael Charlton Pendle & Pennine Triumph Spitfire Red Jane Charlton Not selected
024 Team Smith Andrew Smith Hull & East Riding of Yorkshire Triumph Spitfire Saffron Yellow Deborah Mansell Hull & East Riding of Yorkshire
025 Merry Men Tom Fisher Nottingham Triumph TR8 Blue Liam Kelly Nottingham
026 Ray and Rob Ray Nugent Cheshire Area Spitfire Mk4 Silver Rob Hope Cheshire Area
027 I did it again Charles Nunn Northants / N. Bucks Triumph Stag Pimento barry thomas Northants / N. Bucks
028 Call the Police Chris Andrews North London & Herts Triumph 2500TC Blue Annie Andrews North London & Herts Simon Scott-Russell Not Applicable Sarah Nicholson Not selected
030 Life of Pi Ashley Mills North London & Herts Triumph Mk1 2.5Pi White Kirsty Mills North London & Herts
031 Team Jaws Frank Polack Not selected Triumph 2000 Yellow Glenn Minucci Not selected Mike Hopkins Overseas
032 Old English Man Dave Bond Coventry & Warwick Triumph TR6 White David Thompson Not selected
033 Scuderia Jodani Nigel Jordan Southern Triumph TR4 British Racing Green Chris Clipson Southern
034 Pub Crawlers Chris Hunter Kent & East Sussex Triumph Herald 1200 Saloon Conifer Green Archie Hunter Isle of Wight
035 Globe Trotter Howard Brissenden Cambridge Triumph TR8 Silver Peter Jay Not selected
037 Scotty Estate Kyle Darby Overseas Triumph Herald Estate Blue Thomas Jenkins Overseas Dan Crossen Overseas
038 Laura David Magella Overseas Triumph Toledo Blue Bo Bland Overseas Chris clark Overseas
039 Mimosa Sean Bradley Pendle & Pennine Dolomite Sprint Yellow Paul Oxtoby Pendle & Pennine
041 Belgians on Tour Kris Schouppe Overseas Triumph 2.5 PI Valencia Yvan Roggeman Overseas
042 Peak District Explorers Dave Batchelor Nottingham Triumph TR6 Red Jackie Batchelor Nottingham
043 Retrotechnic Leighten Ball Not Applicable Triumph 2.5 PI MKII White Alison Ball Not Applicable
045 TRTOM Thomas Key Nottingham Triumph TR6 Mallard Blue Stephen Cooper Nottingham
046 Green Team Jonathan Tew Cheshire Area Triumph Stag Green Ian Fisher Cheshire Area
047 Devon's Best Rob Lingard Peninsula Triumph Spitfire 1500 Blue John Street Peninsula
048 Team Sally Greg Hackney Not selected Triumph Stag Green Karen Hackney Not selected
049 TheLaceys Roy Lacey Shropshire Triumph GT6 mk1 White Julia Lacey Shropshire
050 Team BB Peter Shepherd Swansea Triumph 2500TC Blue David Shepherd Swansea
051 Jaycee John Corah Nottingham Triumph TR6 Red Richard Adams Not selected
053 Team MOE Chris Allen West Midlands Triumph 2000 Red Steve Hudson West Midlands Liz Hudson West Midlands
054 Taking the PI Reg Barton West Midlands Triumph 2.5 PI Carmine Red Martin Neason Not selected Jason Bratt Not selected
055 Team Sienna PI Dave Kirk Kent & East Sussex Triumph Mk2 2.5PI Brown Hayley Kirk Kent & East Sussex
056 Team RC Ric Cline Overseas Triumph 2000 Black Douglas Hanson Overseas Christopher Durkin Overseas
058 Team BBE Brigitta Ebert Overseas Triumph TR6 Black Bernd Ebert Overseas
059 Gloucester Gladiators Chris Rabbets Wye Dean Triumph 2.5PI White Gareth Gerrard Wye Dean
060 Italian Stallion Paul Creelman Nottingham Triumph TR6 Royal Blue Alan Johnstone Nottingham
061 Team Deuce Todd Bermudez Overseas Triumph Dolomite 1500 brown Jeff Mullins Overseas Kevin Blume Overseas
062 Two Fat Flamingos Wolfgang Spann Overseas Triumph TR7 White Sharon Spann Overseas
063 Primrose Patrick McNaught Wessex (Bristol & Bath) Triumph 2000 TC Yellow Gary Lake Wessex (Bristol & Bath)
065 Team Sidesceen for a Change Colin Wake Essex Triumph TR3a Green I think Chris downs Essex
066 Viper Nuala Dowie Pendle & Pennine Triumph Spitfire Green Richard Smith Worcester
067 Team Morgan 2022 David Langrick Nottingham Triumph Spitfire White Ilka Holzer Overseas
069 Cunning Punters Tom Hartley Cambridge Triumph Herald Red John Dight Cambridge
071 OTRA Courses Michel Grimaldier Overseas Triumph 2.5PI White Philippe Champagne Overseas Jean-Pierre Philibert Overseas
072 Green 6 Mark Insley Not selected Triumph TR6 Green Steve Baker Not selected
074 Cream on First Roger Cockerton Peninsula Triumph 2000 Mk1 Laurel Green Glenn Gamalatge Not selected
075 Little Red Mike Barrett Cambridge Triumph Herald 13/60 EFI Red Jane Barrett Cambridge
076 Don Cook & John Talbot Don Cook Essex Triumph GT6 Signal Red John Talbot Essex
077 The Simpsons Andrew Simpson Pendle & Pennine Truimph Spitfire White Chris Simpson Not selected
078 Hurricane Toby Cowper Cambridge Vincent Hurricane Hurricane Gray Mike Carroll Cambridge
080 Kermit Jerry Smart Wessex (Bristol & Bath) Triumph Stag Java Green Susan McNaught Wessex (Bristol & Bath)
081 Les Sardines Joe Murphy Northants / N. Bucks Triumph Spitfire 1500 Pageant Blue Mark Trickett Overseas
082 Team Broom Devogeleer Overseas Triumph Southern Cross White Shaun Allen Overseas
083 The Black Stripes Nick Cahill North Hampshire Triumph 2000 Carmine Red Mark Hoadley North Hampshire Andy Hughes North Hampshire
084 Pugwash Andrew Moll Southern Triumph TR6 French Blue Frances Moll Not selected
085 Trixie Dennis Turner Wessex (Bristol & Bath) Triumph TR3A Blue / White Daniel Turner Wessex (Bristol & Bath)
086 Team Moby Alistair Vincent North London & Herts Triumph 2000 White Mike North Not selected
087 Bully TR4a Mark Bulford North London & Herts Triumph TR4A Royal Blue 56 Ron Thorn Southern
088 The Mighty Penguins Nikolaj Blomberg Overseas Triumph Spitfire mk3 Laurell Green Helle Collatz Christensen Overseas
089 Ivor Jagman & Co. Ian Humphreys Not selected Triumph TR6 Dark Blue Mary Humphreys Not selected
090 Supperleggeria Andrew Martin North London & Herts Triumph TR4A White Gavin Mitchel North London & Herts
091 Human Torch Philip Charlton Pendle & Pennine Triumph 2000 MkI Green Barry McGrath Hull & East Riding of Yorkshire Wayne Coates Pendle & Pennine
092 Stardust Paul Herbert North London & Herts Triumph Spitfire 4 Mk 2 Red Christopher Harding North London & Herts
093 Richard Webb Richard Webb North London & Herts Triumph Spitfire 1500 White Jacques Webb North London & Herts
094 Team Maggie Ian Luddington Not selected Triumph Dolomite Cream Richard Sands Not selected
095 Blue Bird 1 Michael Blowing Swansea Triumph Spitfire Mk 4 2500 pi Blue Arthur Not Applicable
096 Lastminute dot com Mike Bishop Essex Triumph Stag Red Doug Thompson North London & Herts
097 Bluebird 2 Mark Lancaster North London & Herts Triumph TR6 Blue Peter Astles North London & Herts
098 Three Amigos Gerry Byrne Not selected Triumph MK 2 2000 Estate Yellow Andy Gleeson Not selected Chris Gleeson Kent & East Sussex
099 Mayfair Michael Helm Essex Triumph Tr6 Red Gillian Helm Essex
100 Half Triunph Thorsten Koeppe Overseas Triumph 2.5 PI Mk2 White Corinna Thom\u00e9 Overseas
101 Kev & Alex Kevin Fielder Kent & East Sussex Triumph TR4a White Alex Fielder Kent & East Sussex

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